Getting to know DJ Korrek 

DJ Korrek was raised in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. His fascination with music began in his early stages of life, inspired by his father's love for music and his older brothers’ turntable skills. He began attending every club he could get into, just to study the art of dj’ing. An eager student of the game, he began studying a host of local DJs, and using the knowledge he gleaned, he developed his own unique style. Korrek quickly began building a brand. Armed with a keen sense for reading the crowd, he started locking down residencies with A-list clubs and promoters. In his progression as one of NYC's rising DJ's, Korrek has been resident to some of the top New York City hot spots including Club Rebel, Greenhouse and Katra. His resume boast other notable venues such as Crimson, Providence, Lexicon, B.B. Kings, Taj, EVR, Sobe Live and Chakra in South Beach, Miami.  His creative marketing skills along with his ability to spin different genres of music has kept DJ Korrek in high demand in the most competitive market : the NYC club scene. In 2013 DJ Korrek joined NYC's #1 DJ Crew "DA UNION".  In addition to his Club DJ skills, DJ Korrek has released the popular "Serious Grind" mixtape volumes 1-5 and has started the self titled promotional company, Korrektion Entertainment. What started out as a hobby years ago is now a budding career. Whether behind the scenes promoting or in the booth DJ’ing, DJ Korrek continues to make the hottest events happen!