Power 150.1 and the CEO/COO of DaUNion Entity

Will "DJ Will" Tobias



When it comes to music, the essence of DJing is nothing new to Will Tobias b.k.a DJ Will. He is no stranger to the club scene, celebrity bashes or any event that requires turntables. His professional career started in the early 90's and has been skyrocketing all the way to the top ever since. Also known as 'Da Bronx Bomber,' Will is presently holding down a six-day weekly schedule in New York City that is bursting at its seams.  

Putting New York aside, Will has provided his skill as an amazing club/party DJ to venues in other states and countries. Acknowledging that to be a good DJ, one should learn to adapt to the ever-changing atmosphere of music, Will spins a variety of hip-hop, R&B, reggae, classics, salsa meringue, reggaeton - even rock. From the old school to the present, Will's turntable techniques have been witnessed in all the major party havens like Miami, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Chicago, Virginia Beach and Philadelphia, just to name a few. Will has been invited to Japan three times by DJ Clark Kent because of his exceptional talent as a DJ. Upon returning from his first Eastern trip, he was mesmerized to see that he was remembered and received as one of the crowd favorites. Expanding his horizons, DJ Will gratefully took up the opportunity to play in Brazil, London, Mexico, Jamaica, throughout the entire Caribbean, and even the United Arab Emirates. 

Glancing into the future, Will has many plans for himself and his career. Having many goals in mind, Will has decided to try his hands in production, artist development and, hopefully, a long career on radio on POWER 105.1. Being amongst the club scene for the past 10+ years, raw talented artists are ever present. DJ Will's ultimate desire was to employ a crew of skilled DJ's that would dominate the club scene and radio waves nationwide. Surprisingly, his plans are coming to life with six of New York's top club DJ's coming together to form DA UNION. This extremely talented crew is responsible for 95% of the hottest party nights in New York City! Doing a world tour with a major music artist is also on his 'Things to Do' list. Wanting to conquer the unknown, Will's career is in full speed and shows no signs of slowing down. It's only a matter of time before he starts to see his career prosper and make his aspirations come true. 

- 'Expect it and Respect it' DJ Will

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