DJ TECH XII grew up in a small town called Mount Vernon NY. 

4 Square miles to be exact. He started off in high school freshman year of highschool playing basketball but also running sound engineering for holiday concerts. Christmas of 2010 had changed for the better. His brother which he was going to meet for the first time brought him the beginning to the key point of where he is today. Two Numark Axis 9 CD Players. Around the time of his birthday the following February his mother had bought him a mixer to match the set of CD turntables he had received on Christmas. After the purchase of all the key components of what was classified as “A Full Set” practicing to be what he had always wanted to be was the goal. Starting off being branded as a professional DJ just as a freshman in high school entailed building a serious clientele. That’s how it all started from doing Sweet 16s High School Varsity basketball games summer cookouts was the mere start. In key fact his mother landed him his very first serious gig , A retirement party for some of her co workers at her job. Throughout high school the gigs just started getting better and building strong relationships with his clients. By junior year he had started doing all the proms for his high school. After TECH XII turned 18 things started to change he traveled into different lanes as in spinning music in certain venues such as Sues Rendezvous , B.B Kings Blues Club , Amazura Night Club and more. Currently today DJ TECH XII has been noted as an Old Soul and ahead of his time , Opening for some high established DJS such DJ First Choice And DJ Will & DJ Norie from WWPR-FM POWER 105.1 and more. DJing some of the hottest parties around the tri state area including the Bronx , Queens , Brooklyn , Long Island , Connecticut etc. With the hard work and more he has been told to be seen as one of the hardest working young DJs throughout the Tri State Area Including New York , New Jersey , And Connecticut. As the newest member of the world famous “Da Union Entity” aka DaUnionDJs expect to see much more work and expansion from Mount Vernon’s own DJ TECH XII